I want to get digital.

We started off writing with the humble rock and tablet, scratching our thoughts out. We had hieroglyphs, the Latin alphabet and Ogham. We figured out out to make paper from trees. We discovered lead, so we had pencils. We invented ink, we had quills. We had made plastic, so we had a pen.

Then we invented the computer. That’s when things really changed. Technology took off. Everyone had to have their own computer. Huge things they were, gigantic white boxes in the corner of your kitchen. Then they began to shrink. The personal computer became smaller and smaller. We went from the full blown package to being able to access the internet on our mobile phones. Isn’t it amazing?

Laptop computers were invented, probably one of the finest inventions ever. Then they began to shrink into those dainty little laptops that college students always seem to own. But don’t be fooled by their size, they still pack a punch technologically.

The newset computing gadget is the iPad, the love child of an iPod and a laptop. They look beautiful, sleek and sophisticated. With a 9inch screen, a built in speaker and 10 hours of battery life, it sounds like it could rival the humble laptop. But could it?

Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal said that it was pretty close to being a ‘laptop killer’. In his article, he goes through the pros and cons of the iPad, saying that if all you do is social-network, blog and use your laptop for music and photos, the iPad is perfect for you. However, like myself,  if you use your laptop for other things like for writing word documents, you’ll have a problem, as it doesn’t support it. Also there’s no USB port, a big problem.

Will it help or hinder journalism I wonder? From some of the reviews I have read, it won’t suit a journalist who likes to keep up to date technologically. As I said before, there’s no USB port, there’s no camera or video recording facility, there’s no word document application. How is a modern journalist going to make use of this magical new gadget? Well, they won’t probably until a new version comes out which sorts out all of those problems.

So journos out there, stick with your laptops for now, there will come a day when all of our technological prayers will be answered, but not any time soon.

Walt Mossberg article: http://ptech.allthingsd.com/20100331/apple-ipad-review/]

Image from: online.wsj.com


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