The new rage so it seems, live blogging has truely taken off. But what is it?

We all know about Twitter, 140 characters, say what you can fit style micro blog. But a live blog is a more up to date, up to the minute account of an event, whether it be a press conference, a sporting event or even just a television show. It is everywhere, and everyone seems to want to be involved in keeping people bang up to date in what’s gping on.

Shane Hegarty from the Irish Times wrote an article about his experience of Ryan Tubridy’s first Late Late Show via live blog. He says:

‘It sounds a bit pathetic, but there was no better way to watch the first Late Late Show of the season than through Twitter. It was like watching the Late Late with a large crowd of people, but, instead of being drowned out by the din, each had an equal voice. Even as you watched, with the telly flickering and the netbook or phone balancing on your belly, and your eyes doing a Marty Feldman so as to watch both at the same time, it was clear that Twitter added something special. It brought honesty, gut reactions, a lot of intelligence and some great jokes.’

In Hegarty’s opinion, there is room for live blogging, as he seems to think that it enhances an experience, in this case, the first of Tubridy’s Late Late Shows! I would agree with this, as I have followed a few live blogs myself, such as DCUfm and the College Views following of the DCU Students Union elections, and have found them to be very helpful. If the future is with live blogging, then I am in favour of it.




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