Navigating away…

 As I have spoken about previously, hyper linking is a great way of adding depth to a piece of news by linking to other relevant pieces. One thing that I have been asking myself though is if it is a good idea for a newspaper’s website to link to a rival newspapers one, just to add something to a story?

If it adds another level of understanding to the piece, does it matter where it comes from? Or are newspapers too competitive to allow this to happen?

On the Independent’s website, they do use hyper linking in the main body of their text, but the links only bring you back to the Independent. For example, the main story in today’s Independent is about how Brian Lenihan has asked ministers to find 3billion euro worth of cutbacks in one month.

The hyperlink is on ‘Minister Brian Lenihan’ and links to this, a search of his name. Not very helpful really, as there are hundreds of stories related to Brian Lenihan. Is this an effective use of a hyperlink? I don’t think so.

If newspapers used hyper linking properly, I feel that it could be really effective, I just feel that they have a fear of possibly navigating the reader from their page, and never getting them back. Is this unrealistic?


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