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Money money money.
April 29, 2010

Blogging is everywhere, everyone wants to have an opinion. Thoughts are free. In the industry of journalism, they aren’t. Until now.

It is widely known that professional journalists who blog do not get paid. Why is this? People buy newspapers every day to read peoples point of view in comment and analysis pieces. Blogging is the exact same, it is comment. I understand that internet users expect content for free, I am the same. I never visit the Irish Times website purely because I can’t access a lot of their archived material due to financial hurdles, so if I can get a journalists opinion online and for free, why would I purchase a newspaper to recieve the same thing?

If I was a professional journalist, I would expect to get paid for the amount of work that I put into a blog. I know from doing these blogs that a lot of time and effort goes into it, as much as writing an article for a print publication, so why shouldn’t the journalist get paid?

In these tough economic times, journalism is held in higher regard by the public. Everyone feels angry and wants to know why the country is in the state that it is in. Ordinary people are interested in the news now more than ever. Journalists are working hard to meet the demand for news, so surely they should be paid accordingly?